This year, English Language Day falls on a Sunday, which means we won’t be celebrating it at our school. However, we wholeheartedly encourage you to celebrate at home on April 23rd! This special day aims to explore the development, history, and culture of the English language, providing an opportunity to delve into its fascinating intricacies.

Did you know that, although English is the most spoken language in the world, it is only the native tongue for one-quarter of its speakers? Indeed, for three-quarters of English speakers, it serves as their second, third, or even fourth language!

Let’s not forget the reason behind this celebration. The United Nations selected April 23rd as English Language Day to honor the legendary playwright and poet William Shakespeare, who passed away on the same date in 1616.

So, join us in celebrating the beauty and diversity of the English language from the comfort of your home. Remember to share your experiences and discoveries on social media using the hashtag #EnglishLanguageDay! Together, let’s appreciate the rich history and cultural impact of the English language.